Me & Mr. Write
by Cassandra Lewis
Star Review - 5 Stars

**ARC given for honest review **

   Great Book!! I really enjoy Rosie and Jackson’s story!! This book has romance, steamy sex scenes, drama, angst!!  But the -ending..OMG!!! I  am so glad I already have book 3, because I need it now!!

“We have something great, something that’s worth fighting for and we’re both too stubborn to lose it.”

This book continues with where we left off, Rosie & Jackson are engaged and just getting the feel for they’re new relationship.  With every relationship there are always problems to be worked out.  Rosie has trust issues with men and Jackson needs to decide if he is ready to be a one woman kind of man.  In this book you see them love, fight, love some more, and even fight some more.  There were even a few times I wasn’t sure if there was still a Rosie & Jackson, and it broke my heart.  I want so much for them work. 

The characters in this book evolve wonderfully and the storyline is great!! Rosie is a very strong woman who has a bit of a dark history that comes to light.  Jackson is still swoon worthy as ever and I think he truly loves Rosie.  

Thank you Cassandra for another great read!!

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