Meeting Mr. Write
by Cassandra P. Lewis
Star Review - 4.5 star

For me this story started out a little slow, but picked up quite well and I really enjoyed reading. Rosie and Pippa's destinations sound amazing and I wish I would have been there too!! I also really enjoyed all of the other characters…Raef..Matthew…Steve…Annie

My name is Rosetta Alvez, I’m twenty six and I’m a romance novelist. Well I’m supposed to be, but I’m a little short on inspiration right now.  About ten months ago I attended a wedding, my wedding as it happens but my groom obviously didn’t get an invite”

Rosie, who is a romance novelist, is having a hard time getting her next book written.  She has no inspiration and has lost all hope after being left at the altar by her by Fiancé.  She decides she and her best friend Pippa are going to take a Holiday and spend 3 weeks in Thailand.

Jackson James is a Travel magazine writer and a player, and it just so happens that he is going to Thailand at the same time as Rosie and Pippa.  Rosie meets Jackson on the plane and instantly thinks he is a arrogant, self-centered, womanizer and wants nothing to do with him.  I was rooting for Jackson and Rosie from this point on, I just knew that they had to work out and would be really bummed if they didn’t

“Hello Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome.”

Jackson is attracted to Rosie instantly but is not the commitment type.  He continues to work his magic on her, which is giving Rosie false hope, because the more that happens between them, the more she falls in love with him. 

“ You know me Stevo, Life’s too short to spend in one bed”

“ If you give all of yourself to someone, what’s left with they leave?”

Will Rosie be able to work through the hurt she’s feeling and find Mr. Right?  Will Jackson ever be able to commit to one girl?  I guess you will just have to read to find out!! I definitely can’t wait to read book 2.  

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