Enemy Lines is the story of Rebel Leader Rachel Lawton and Sovereignty Agent Noah Connor struggling to survive in a dystopian America..  Rachel is being set up for a traitor's fall while Noah has been sent in to assure her assassination. Can Rachel stop Noah from trading intelligence that will affect thousands of lives? When Noah starts to fall in love, will he go through with the assassination or put other lives at risk by letting Rachel live?
In my profile picture I am on the left in the orange skirt.
Juliette Michaels is a New Adult and Adult Romance writer (She writes YA under the pen A.J.M. Mousseau.)

I was born in San Diego and have lived all over the U.S. including New York, Hawaii, Vermont, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Montana, Arizona, and Washington state. I am a university student studying Modern Literature and Creative Writing.

* Fun Facts*

*I write from my home which at the moment is a 36 foot recreational vehicle my family and me have been adventuring in for the past three years.

*If I were a superhero, my arch nemesis would be commas and mean people.

*I love books, music, movies, traveling, and adventures.

*On the right in my profile the picture is my daughter Koda Mousseau she owner of Dragon Tattoo Cover Designs and my cover designer.

*I love writing passionate and angsty; fun and light; fantastical and imaginative novels with amazing characters, complex worlds, and a lot of hot and sexy spice.

* For my pen name, I use my middle name, Juliette and my husband's first name, Michael as my last <3 Romantic isn't it?

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“My clothes are soaked with sweat, smoke, and grime – I need to lay them out to dry and honestly, the armor isn’t very comfortable either.” Lawton unbuttoned her uniform overshirt shirt and shimmied out of her pants. “Hey look! There are a few nails in the wall. Perfect!” Connor was already looking – in fact he was watching her mesmerized, but Lawton didn’t seem to notice. She hung the pants and shirt on the nails then peeled off the thin under tank top and the form fitted running shorts. All she had left was the sleek black glued on armor that hugged her every curve. 

“This is going to be difficult to remove – it requires a lot of pulling and tugging since it’s so molded.” Lawton struggled for a few minutes then asked with a shy expression. “Will you help me?”

Connor swallowed hard, “Yeah, okay.” He tried to make it sound like it was no big deal. 

They pulled down the sleeves inside out so it would come off her torso. Lawton had her back to him – the shy thing got worse when she remembered she never wore a bra under these things.

“You’re not wearing anything under this are you?” Connor interupted her thoughts as he began working the suit past her delightfully full hips.

“No soldier does, it sort of serves the purpose,” she admitted.


A moment later she was standing naked before him. Her back was supple and her spine curved beautifully from her slender neck to her perfectly formed ass. All too quick she pulled over the white thin tank top over her frame and the running shorts that hugged and held her hips where Connor thought he would love to put his hands. 

She quickly dressed, and he forced himself to think about food for the two of them. He created a makeshift meal; she sat on the floor across from him and he opened the silver packets of rations. He looked up at her, wishing it could have been better – that she were completely safe, and that there was no more danger she had to face. He wasn’t sure when the first moment was that he fell in love with her – but he had no doubt that he had.


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